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Tools of Titans, Tim Ferris

Tools of Titans, Tim Ferris
Tim Ferris, already a #1 New York Times best selling author with the '4 Hour Week' collection of books is back with a 600+ page tome which includes something for everyone.  It is a collection of 'Tactics, routines and habits of billionaires, icons and world-class performers'. There are way too many to list here but household names include Jami...
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FX News Roundup

FX News Roundup
‚ÄčOver the last few weeks there have been various articles posted regarding the strength (or weakness!) of the pound. The outlook from Morgan Stanley earlier this month had expectations of Euro - GBP parity in 2018. A comprehensive read was found at Pound Sterling Live . So why is the Euro strengthening?  An article from CNN cent...
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Welcome to Apex 22

Welcome to Apex 22 and our blog! The purpose of the blog is to publish our thoughts and other interesting articles which will hopefully be of interest to all business owners, particularly SME's and start ups. Basically, whatever kind of entrepreneur you are, there will be content of interest for you. Additionally, we will be looking to interview bu...
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